March Food Swap

I went to my second From Scratch Club hosted Food Swap in Troy. The Albany Times Union recently ran a story about FSC and Food Swaps. Basically, everyone brings from scratch items to swap for other items. The items don’t have to be food. The couple next to me brought red grapefruit creme.

It is fun.

Coffee Mustard and Ketchup

This time around I was a little more comfortable. I didn’t worry about people thinking my items were just a little out there. I noticed I setup at the same table spot as my first swap. I took caramelized onion dip and seafood cheesecake. Both items were recipes I wanted to update. I updated the recipes and packed the items for swap. How sweet is that?!

I swapped for homemade ketchup, tortillas, coffee mustard, doughnuts and a spice mix for cheese sauce. I also swapped for a bag of chocolate snack mix. Ed loved the snack mix and has suggested I make something similar.

He made a face when he held up the jar of coffee mustard. “Ooookay????”

I told him I really wanted that coffee mustard and practically camped for the grab.*

He did not share my vision.

How did I explain the goodness that is coffee mustard? Action.

Coffee Mustard Marinated Flank Steak

Massage the coffee mustard into the steak and allow to sit for at least 30 minutes.

Salt the meat. While the steak is grilling, prepare herbs and finishing salt

Slice and finish with flaked sea salt and herbs.
Now he gets it!

*psst…I learned about doing that at my first swap. I wasn’t very subtle. I’ll work on that for April.